$94 Neckwarmer by Toni Blye

$94 Neckwarmer

December 2007

Currently Unavailable

This is a recipe for creating a stockinette tube neckwarmer inspired by the I could make this for less than $94 thread and the neckwarmer pictured which can be purchased from marthastewart.com. To expand on the neckwarmer that inspired this lovingly crafted, though barebones recipe, I generalized the details so that it can be made with any yarn, any size needle, for any size person, or animal if you are so inclined. Really, the instructions work for anything you can measure, so use your imagination for that. It can be worked in the round or flat. With a modicum of skill it can easily be converted to crochet, and probably other media as well.

There’s a bit of personal opinion on copyright and the value of handcrafted work thrown in there too, but that’s really just gravy. This pattern really does work. So if it’s cold outside and you are dying to knit yourself a warm tube, look no further. Help has arrived.

This pattern is dedicated to kakalinaknits who fearlessly asked for information in the face of ridicule and without whom this pattern would not exist.

Please note that I make no claims that this is an original design, just a time-tested basic technique. Ravelry does me the kindness of listing it under original designs.