A Roll in the Hay by Gina House

A Roll in the Hay

October 2009
Fingering (14 wpi) ?
30 stitches and 40 rows = 4 inches
in stockinette
US 2 - 2.75 mm
350 - 400 yards (320 - 366 m)
Woman's medium and large
Flag of English English

This is my newest pattern from the book, The Joy of Sox, published by Lark Books in October 2009.

These socks are based on a modified Wheat Sheaves pattern alternated with 2x2 ribbing. The lovely and shapely pattern flows all the way from the sides of the legs, down to the toes.

The yarn used for this pattern, Sereknity Shimmer (a beautiful wool/bamboo/nylon blend) is the perfect color for these socks and, is not only washable, but super soft with a light shimmery look to it. Gorgeous!

The perfect pair of socks to wear with Mary Jane style shoes and a cute skirt - this would truly show off the side of the leg and top of the foot.

Hope you like knitting this pattern and wearing the socks…please let me know if you find any errata!

ERRATA: Updated (10/05/09)

I have been super busy with writing my new book, so I have not had a chance to reknit one of these socks. There was a mistake in the transition row (which is posted here) and I have finally figured out what the heck happened…LOL!

I’m sure it was my own fault, but now that I’ve actually looked at the sock again (Thanks, Lorak!!) at the point of transition, I’ve been able to see that I was making this row MUCH MUCH more complicated than it really needed to be.

If you look at the sock after doing the leg portion, you’ll see that you have 2 triangles of pattern on top of each other vertically on each side and then, also, a (k1, p1, k1) ribbing section on each side. What I was trying to do (and what I did on the the pattern when I designed it 2 years ago) for this transition row, was to switch these - having the triangles begin in the place where the (k1, p1, k1) ribbing was on one side (for the instep) and the other side would just end (to be ready for the heel flap and heel turn).

So, what you need to do is this:

On Round 40: follow the directions as indicated, but…

Follow the pattern over only the FIRST 49 STITCHES of this round. Now, you will be rearranging your sts on the needles.

Place the last 31 of the 49 sts just worked on two needles -these will be for the heel -(Needles 1 and 4) or (Needle 1 for magic loop/2 circs).

At the end of these stitches, use a clip-on stitch marker to mark the NEW beginning of this round.

Now, move the rest of these stitches that were not worked on Round 40 (15 sts) over to the other needle, with the remaining sts of the round - 18 sts…for a total of 33 on the instep on (Needles 2 and 3 for dpns, Needle 2 for magic loop/2 circs).

If you look at the sock cuff now, you will have 33 sts on the needle(s) closest to you (with the k1, p1, k1 ribbing in the center) and the two rows of triangles on the left and right ends of the needles. This side will be for the instep of the sock.

You will have 31 sts on the needle(s) farthest away from you (again, with the k1, p1, k1 ribbing in the center). This side will be for the heel of the sock.

See how this is working?? :)

So, finally, here is the transition row: (and it IS a row and not a round because you will be working over the sts on the instep only and then going right on to the heel flap and turn.)

Row 41 (Transition Row): k1, follow wheat sheaves pattern on row 2, and end with a k1.

Start Heel Flap: (this first row is also a correction)

Row 1 (RS): (Sl1, k1)7x, (sl1, k2tog), (sl1, k1)7x

{For Pick up round after turning the heel, you will be going on with Row 3 of the Modified Wheat Sheaves Pattern, not 2.}

I’m still working on it, but I think (hope!!) that the rest is now correct. It’s just a matter of adding a (k1) before and after the wheat sheaves pattern on every instep row until the foot is started. After the gusset and foot is finished, you will have 31 (instep)/32 (heel) sts again and then you will do this row at the Shape Toe section: (this is also a correction)

Round 1:
{on this round, you will do a m1 stitch (“…k12, m1, k12…”) on the instep side of the sock (instead of the “…k12, k2tog, k12…”) so that you will have 32/32 sts before starting the decreasing/shaping for the toe.}

A HUGE thanks again to Susan MomtoGBandH who has been a super sweetheart and has been working on this for me for over a week. Thank you, Susan! (Not currently available: Please check out her project page for another way to do this sock from the transition row on.)