Adjustable Knotted Headband by Yarntivity, Casey Pilley

Adjustable Knotted Headband

Yarntivity, Casey Pilley's Ravelry Store
September 2014
All sizes from baby to adult
This pattern is available as a free Ravelry download

We work so hard in making beautiful things for people, especially babies. Yet typically they only get to use them for a very short time. I have thought of a way to extend our items just a little bit longer 

Here is an adjustable headband. No it isn’t a bow tie as it looks in the pic lol. Typically people use hair ties or rubber bands on the back. Those just make it tighter and tighter around your head to the point of getting uncomfortable. With the way that I am going to show you, even an adult would be able to get away with wearing a baby size headband and it would be just as comfortable for them as it is for the baby!!

You can make this however wide/long as you need.

There is no set gauge for this pattern. With the feature of it being adjustable, you can go just a little smaller and be perfectly fine!