Algerian Love Knot by Nichole Verville

Algerian Love Knot

This pattern is available as a free Ravelry download

In honor of Quantum of Solace premiering today, I give you my version of the Algerian Love Knot that was featured in Casino Royale. It can be used as an applique if you wish but I designed it to be a lariat style necklace.

P.S. I realized that I had two skeins of the dark grey thread and that you would be cutting it really close if you just use one. It IS possible but it might be better to buy two of the dark grey embroidery floss.

P.P.S. The necklace may hang better (if you use this as a necklace) if you weight the end of the lariat part. Maybe with a decorative bead or a crocheted ball or something.