Allégresse by Christine de Savoie


February 2007
Lace ?
US 7 - 4.5 mm
US 8 - 5.0 mm
This pattern is available as a free Ravelry download

Knitted from top down, this triangular shawl is really easy to knit, even for a lace beginner.

Available in French only at Créations on line or at Ravelry.

2011, April 18th: a few words are translated to help English/American spoken knitters. See below please.


Take care: when I wrote this pattern, Malabrigo lace yarn was supplied as 100 g skein. Below, the skeins are the current 50 g skeins.

Lace (pink version)

  • 2 skeins for 115 cm x 57 cm or 150 cm x 75 cm ;
  • 3 skeins for 160 cm x 81 cm or 170 cm x 85 cm ;
  • Straight needles and/or circular needle US 8 / 5 mm (may be knitted with US 7 / 4.5 mm).

Worsted (blue version)

  • 3 skeins for 150 cm x 75 cm ;
  • 4 skeins for 170 cm x 85 cm ;
  • 5 skeins for 185 cm x 83 cm ;
  • US 9 / 5.5 mm circular needle.

Translation of p. 4

  • Diagramme(s) = Chart(s)

  • Charts are only a half of the shawl. Please, read from right to left . Work charts from the beginning to the central st (grey square) and repeat once beginning from the 1st yo (after the 2 green squares); at the end, omit the central st and replace it with k2 (2 edge sts, green squares).

  • Odd rows only are charted. Row 2 and all following even rows: k2, purl to last 2 sts, k2.

  • Repeats of Chart 1 (yellow shaded squares) of 24 sts and 12 rows. However a complete pattern has 24 sts and 24 rows.

  • Take care at each beginning of a new pattern (rows 13, 25, 37…): the chart differs slightly from the repeats (orange/red squares).

  • Légende = Key chart

jeté = yo
surjet double = sk2p
2 m ens end = k2tog
dim de gauche = ssk
jersey endroit = st st
aucune maille (sauter ces cases) = no st (ignore these squares)
green squares / 2 m du bord (point mousse) = 2 edge sts (garter st)
grey square / m centrale = center st
orange-red / attention à cet endroit = take care when working this st
yellow shaded squares / motif à répéter tout le long du rang = repeat across

  • Border (Chart 2 and p. 3): work 10 rows of Chart 2 ending with a WS row. Knit one row working yos at the same place but do not work sk2p -work yo, k1, yo: each pattern increases by 2 sts that will allow the border to expand.

Next row (WS) (Binding off -it’s better to use larger-sized needles): k2, slip these 2 sts back onto left-handed needle, k2tog tlb, (k1, slip both sts back onto left-handed needle, k2tog tbl), rep () to end.

Weave in ends and wet block.