Alternative Narrow Edging for Aeolian by Elizabeth Freeman

Alternative Narrow Edging for Aeolian

This pattern is available as a free Ravelry download

This is an alternative, narrower edging for Aeolian. It is 12 rows shorter than the original edging. The grand zig zag is one eyelet wide instead of three, and the flowers are 4 row shorter.

The first 2 rows are identical to the original edging, though the stitches are split slightly differently between the charts. Rows 3 and 4 are almost identical, except that the yarn over at the start and finish of each side of row three will need to be shifted one stitch over.

If you are knitting the original edging, but afraid of running out of yarn, and want to be able to rip back easily and switch to this alternative, place a lifeline at the beginning of your edging. If you are comfortable correcting yarn overs two rows below, you can place a life line on row four, otherwise, place it on row two.

See the Aeolian pattern in Spring 2009 Knitty for full pattern directions.

As of April 15, 2009 I have updated the pdf to correct the following errors:

Corrected the row numbering on the left, right, and center charts. In version 1, Row 25 of the left, right, and center charts should line up with Row 23 of the main chart.

The KTBL the beginning and end of the main edge chart on rows 31 and 33, the KTBL should be replaced with K2tog on the right side and SSK on the left side, the same as on rows 43 and 45 of the original edging.*

Row 23 of the main chart should be entirely Right Side (white squares).