Amigurumi Dust Kitten (KOCIĘ) by Karla Fitch

Amigurumi Dust Kitten (KOCIĘ)

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8/21/11 UPDATE: Pattern has been updated to include new, clearer photos. All the kitteny goodness, now with better detail!

My mom grew up speaking only Polish until grade school and she passed plenty of words on to me and my brother while we were growing up. One of those words was “KOCIĘ.” To me, the word sounds like cwoo-tee (with a short “oo” sound like in book), although I am by no means an expert in the Polish language.

When my brother and I were sent to do our chores, one of our tasks was cleaning the KOCIĘ from the corners and under the furniture. It wasn’t until some years later that I learned that KOCIĘ means “kitten” in English.

About This Pattern
Instructions for crochet in US English terms. To complete this pattern, you should be able to make the following stitches:

CH chain stitch
SC single crochet
HDC half double crochet
SL slip stitch
DECR single crochet decrease

This pattern uses a size E crochet hook, Red Heart Designer Sport yarn, fiber fill, and safety eyes/nose. Exact yarn color requirements are detailed in the pattern.

Yarn and gauge will vary depending on how you choose to complete this project.