An African Adventure by Horst Schulz

An African Adventure

This pattern is available for free: AfricanAdventurePattern.pdf

Finally, the elusive pattern for An African Adventure, a knitted patchwork quilt designed by Horst Schulz. Horst Schulz has two published books, neither of which contain the complete pattern for this quilt. The original quilt was the result of workshops he conducted in South Africa in 2000. THREADS & crafts magazine published a pattern based on notes provided by an attendee of one of the workshops. Horst Schulz has kindly given his permission to the Ravelry group, Horst Schulz Fans, to make the pattern available to Ravelry knitters. The pattern and all of the notes and pics are available via the PDF link here and also on the group pages of the Horst Schulz Fans group. Please join us!!

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