Antique Lace Cuff in Baby Camel Yarn by Fatima

Antique Lace Cuff in Baby Camel Yarn

by Fatima
This pattern is available for free.

Here is another crochet project made possible by Duplet crochet fashion magazine. The lace for this cuff is an antique design found in Duplet 127. The issue is quite impressive with many lace trimmings charted from the antique version published by the DMC Library.

I followed the crochet symbol chart, made some modifications and wrote down the pattern.

The cuff is crocheted in rows from the narrow end so you can decide how long it should be to fit your wrist. Standard women’s size is 7 inches. Then work continues around the cuff to make the lace edging. Buttons are crocheted separately and sewn on.

From the written pattern, it is possible to appropriate the lace cuff into other applications - It would be interesting to try it in different weights and fibres of yarn. I can see it lending itself well as a scarf or a necklace, with buttons or flower and leaf motifs. It will curve if the top ending is crocheted together as if to gather the lace.