Autumn Love Triangle by Michele Henson

Autumn Love Triangle

September 2018
3.25 mm (D)
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I come to you today, to tell you a tale of complicated love. In the center of our story is Spice, a dashing fellow, always ready for a good time, and always making those around him a little better for having known him. He has always played the field, but Autumn has brought two major loves into his life. Unfortunately, Spice is unwilling to choose between them, and his lovers are polarized and unwilling to share. What is a fellow to do?

Will Spice choose Pumpkin, the good-natured guy who gets along with almost anyone? Pumpkin is a sturdy handsome guy, always willing to lend a hand. His friends call him old reliable. He can be a bit of a softee but that is one of the things Spice loves about him.

Or will Spice choose Apple, the sassy lady with her bright colors and crisp attitude? Apple’s moods change by the minute, sometimes sweet and sometimes tart. Sometimes snappy and sometimes softer, warmer. She is always up for a good time and her unpredictability is what draws Spice to her.

I know by now, you dear reader have chosen a side. So tell me, who is your vote for? Will Spice end up with Pumpkin or will he and Apple find happiness together??