Baby Boom Bear or Bunny Beanie by Rachel Rayner

Baby Boom Bear or Bunny Beanie

Discontinued. This digital pattern is no longer available online.

Have you ever noticed that just like kittens, human babies seem to come in litters? Where there’s one, there’s usually half a dozen, and all need to be knitted for. This is the most wonderful problem to have - all those tiny feetsies to hold! - but it does mean a lot of knitting all at once.

This hat is designed for a baby boom, yet it looks as special as if it was knit to be an heirloom. Worked in sections - brim, body, finishing - to keep things interesting, it’s simple enough for an ambitious or well-guided beginner, and an experienced knitter can knock one out with their eyes closed. I must have knit this five times, and I’m still not bored of it.

This pattern does not rely on exact stitch count. Instead, you work in sections, to measurements. This means it works in any gauge, so you can use whatever yarn you fancy, or whatever you have to hand. Knit a tiny version for a preemie, or size it up and omit the ears for an adult hat. If you’re not sure of the sizing, or want it to last, use a superwash wool and knit 2.5x the brim so it can be folded up - then down as the wearer grows.

For a baby or toddler hat, you will need 50g or less of any yarn, and a set of circular needles to match. In the example, I have 10mm needles and bulky yarn.