Basic Kitty Hair Bow by jessicaflapjac

Basic Kitty Hair Bow

March 2017
Any gauge - designed for any gauge ?
This pattern is available for free.

Beginners Knitted Hair Bow Pattern.

A beginner level make that involves knitting 2 small rectangles in stocking stitch.

If your learning to knit, don’t make a scarf! It’s super long and will take you yonks. Instead, a little knitted bow is just as easy (knit wise) and will probably look much fancier when finished.

Also, you can trim it with ribbon and lace (and hide all those dropped stitches) to make it more spiffing. If you want to add ribbons and trims attach them whilst the knitted pieces are still flat before you assemble the bow.

You can play around with this pattern to create any size bow you like, with any size wool.