Bavarian Twisted Stitch Cap by Meg Swansen

Bavarian Twisted Stitch Cap

From Schoolhouse Press:

7 designs from 4 designers. Meg Swansen presents: an elegant Twisted-Stitch cap, the whimsical Albrecht Durer Tower Hat and a simple to knit Circular Brioche Watch Cap. Two Elizabeth Zimmermann designs: her classic Snail Hat (aka Conch or Dairy Queen), and her Kliban Hat. Plus an innovative I-cord Lattice Hat from Cully Swansen and a snugly warm Garter-Band hat from Eleanor Haase. Something for everyone in this cornucopia!

Print version comes in a 3-hole, archival quality sheet protector.

Published as a handout for participants in Meg Swansen’s Knitting Camp, as a means of learning to work Bavarian twisted stitch.
No yarn, needles, or gauge are specified. Knitter’s choice!
For information about Knitting Camp.

Pattern appeared in the Fall 1999 issue of Vogue Knitting and later in Vogue Knitting American Collection.

Instructions for this hat have been added to the Saddle Shoulder Jacket DVD.