BB Style Tawashi by Rhonda White

BB Style Tawashi

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April 2008
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Discontinued. This digital pattern is no longer available online.

No longer available

You shoulda seen it comin’ folks - a tawashi to match the oh so famous Ballband Cloth of PnC yarn wrapper/Mason~Dixon Knitting fame!

The amount of yarn used is so miniscule that I haven’t put down an amount. You can use one color or two, solid or variegated :o)

I kept my BB Style Tawashi like a “tube”, or a “sewn shut soap sack” - I can squish it down flat into a nice round thick scrubber for extra scrubby goodness, and poof it back up before hanging it up to dry ~ it just dries quicker and that’s a good thing, trust me!

EDITED TO ADD: corrections made on site to this pattern 4/23/08