Bifocal (Anamorphic) by Woolly Thoughts

Bifocal (Anamorphic)

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This anamorphic design can be used as a shawl or afghan.

An anamorphic design is a distortion which appears normal when viewed in a particular way.

This one started life as Double Base, which is a representation of binary numbers. The drawing for Double Base was used as the input in a morphing program. The result has to be viewed in a cylindrical mirror to see the original design.

It could be used as a small afghan although it isn’t long enough to cover you when lying down. The version shown was made in DK yarn and can be used as a shawl. It measures about 66” (168 cm) along the straight edge. It could be made bigger by adding another semi-circle in either of the colours.

It is difficult to change the size, other than by using more, or fewer rings, or by changing the yarn.

This is very easy to knit. The yarns are used alternately and you never have more than 21 stitches on the needle.

The pattern also includes instructions for making a full circle.

Read the story of this afghan on Ravelry or on Woolly Thoughts web site.

This afghan now belongs to MATHSWORLDUK and is touring the UK as part of the Mirror Pillar project.