Bobble Braids by Claire from Crochet Leaf

Bobble Braids

This pattern is available for free.

Six braids for you to use as decorations, garlands, edgings, embellishments, bracelets, or pretty handles for a small bag:

  1. Simple Bobble Braid
  2. Back and Front
  3. Long John
  4. Bobble and Dot
  5. Single Bobble Braid
  6. Double Bobble Braid

Use your choice of yarn/hook suitable for your project. The yellow braids here were crocheted with thread weight yarn, the dark pink with sport weight.

The braids use a five-stitch bobble. I give full instructions on how to work this, as well a few pix to show any necessary steps.

There’s something mesmerizing - and comforting! - about working bobbly braids.

Ideal for a little project when you can grab a moment :)