Bonus hidden pattern by Wendy Harbaugh

Bonus hidden pattern

June 2009
Thread ?
1.75 mm

This pattern is in the book but it isn’t titled as a pattern it is explained how to do this at the end of the tutorial and how to make a scarf and a baby car seat blanket so there are actually 12 patterns in the book 3 are just hidden well

If you have questions please ask, or if something isn’t clear please let me know so I can fix it.
tutorial and 9 patterns are now available in book form through annie’s attic The pattern for down load actually has the tutorial for the yoyo crochet and 9 patterns including the hex pattern and new zigzag, chevron, and straight rows

I used scrap thread so yardage is kind of hard to come up with

to answer a question

page 9
noticed a mistake in the book just now
row 11 should have 84 yoyo 504 chains
row 12 should have 92 yoyo 552 chains
row 13 should have 100 yoyo 600 chains
row 14 should have 108 yoyo 648 chains