Build a Beret by Diane Mulholland

Build a Beret

September 2007
Any gauge - designed for any gauge ?
This pattern is available for free.

“Follow this fool-proof formula to create a fantastic beret from your handspun. Any yarn, any size, the whole family can have one each!

Hats are about my favourite thing to make from hand-spun. They are versatile and practical and your beautiful yarn is right there for everyone to see, not hidden under shoes or coats. They also receive very little wear, which is great for delicate fibres which in other garments may quickly felt or pill.

This beret pattern is more of a recipe really: no matter what gauge your yarn is, all you need to do is knit a swatch and then slot your calculations into the formula. Any size, any yarn, the whole family will be sporting beautiful head-gear in no time!“