Chalford Top by Elizabeth Lovick

Chalford Top

May 2018
Any gauge - designed for any gauge ?
30 - 60"

Any Yarn patterns offer you the chance to knit that item in any yarn, commercial or handspun. This means you can use yarn from your stash for pattern you like and you do not have to hit the tension given on the pattern.

Directions given for 30 - 60” chest, using any weight yarn.

This top-down sleeveless tunic suits all ages, all sizes and all shapes. I have given three different skirt patterns: the first is straight up and down, suitable for those with big boobs and slim hips, the second is a standard six-gored style, and the third, the one I have knitted, is for those of us who like the lagenlook style.

your yarn and circular needles to suit
6 stitch makers

Swatch for stitch tension and fabric. Row tension is not important.
Work out the number of stitches you need for your size, then round up to make this figure divisible by 6. Now divide the total by 6. This is the number of stitches in a section at the start.