Charity the Crane Amigurumi by Claire Houck

Charity the Crane Amigurumi

This pattern is available as a free Ravelry download

Meet Charity the Crane! We are all devastated by the news from Japan. Large sections of the coast have been decimated, the shore line has shifted 8 feet, and damage to the nation’s nuclear power plants threatens their infrastructure and health. We all want to do something. Since the events of March 11th, 2011, I’ve wondered what I could do to help, and I’ve heard many of my fellow crafters ask the same question. This is my contribution to the relief effort.

In Japanese culture, cranes are considered to be a sacred animal. There is ancient myth that promises that anyone who folds a thousand origami cranes, threaded together on a string, will be granted any one wish by a crane. The gift of a string of a thousand cranes is considered to bestow good luck, happiness and prosperity, and strings of cranes are frequently given as gifts to newly weds, newborns, and as part of coming of age activities.

To help raise funds for the relief of those suffering from the effects of the earthquake and tsunami, I propose that we as crafters band together to make 1000 amigurumi cranes. To learn more about this effort - including how your purchase will translate in to money for charity - read this post in my blog:; or, join “The 1000 Amigurumi Crane Project,” a group on Ravelry, at

This pattern includes:
-instructions on how to make the “regular” crane (the orange and white examples) using either sport weight yarn or worsted weight yarn. Finished dimension are approximately 3” high x 6” long x 6” wide (sport weight is a little smaller, worsted is a little bigger).
-instructions on how to resize the pattern to make different sized cranes.

To make the crane you’ll need:
Crochet Hook Size E (if using sport weight)
Crochet Hook Size G (if using worsted weight)
Yarn scraps in either sport or worsted weight (more if making a larger crane using the resizing instructions)
Yarn needle

Note: I’m still working on getting all the pieces of this live. The blog post will be up by 8 pm EST on 3/18. The group on Ravelry is already in existence. The resizing instructions are still being tested in the pattern, and should be done by tonight or tomorrow morning at the latest, at which time I will re-send the pattern to any one who has downloaded it. Thanks for your understanding! :)

Feel free to PM me with comments, questions, suggestions, ideas, or anything else you want to say!