Child mittens by Lia Govers

Child mittens

This pattern is available as a free Ravelry download

Like one can see from the photo’s of my crocheted pairs, the same pattern can result in different sizes: the beige and green pair of mittens, crocheted with hook 4, have a final handwidth - without counting the thumbtop = 15 cm, while the yellow pair, crocheted with hook 3,5 and a thinner yarn, results in a handwidth of 14 cm.
The dark blue pair, made with hook 4, but with a thicker yarn, is even good for the age of 5 or 6 year old children.

Because of the presence in the cuff of front and pack post dc-stitches, this pattern requires some crochet experience!

No specific indications for the yarn to use were given, but I believe it will be better to use a wool yarn.

Before the 8th of December 2012 I posted a free pdf with a little error inside. Now the version has been corrected.

LATER NOTE- 2013: I now changed the first dc-row of the cuff into a hdc-row! I am crocheting these mittens from now on in this way.