Chrysanthemum by Herbert Niebling


November 1959
Thread ?
US 0 - 2.0 mm
Flag of English English Dutch

Old World Treasures: crochet thread size 30 and US needles size 0 for an approx. diam. of 41”/104 cm. The instructions are written. No charts.

This design has 206 rounds. For a smaller doily stop knitting after round 144.

Kunstbreien B 59: Nr 5914. 500 g art-silk (rayon) and needles size 2.5 for approx. diam. of 160 cm/ 63” or 10g crochet thread size 200 and needles size 0/0 for an approx. diam. of 17”.

Also contained (in French, not crediting a designer) in Femmes d’Aujourd’hui, no. 758

Note: Same motif as in Niebling’s Chrysantheme pattern, only with 6-fold symmetry rather than 4-fold, and an expanded center.