Condom Amulet Wire Bracelet by Lisa Daehlin

Condom Amulet Wire Bracelet

November 2007
US 8 - 5.0 mm
US 10½ - 6.5 mm
7.5” around wrist x 5.25" wide. Pocket 3" x 2.5"
This pattern is available for free.

This WIRE BRACELET was created for the Knit A Condom Amulet online ‘zine.

This piece of sheer(!) condom loveliness is a bit of free-form artwork you can strap on your wrist to let the world know that you mean business- - sturdy, safe, healthy business! It consists of two pieces (a rectangle and a square sewn together). You can make it in any length/width. It’s “clasp” consists of a silk cord laced into the ends and tied together giving it a corset-like feel.