Condom Critter by Nikol Lohr

Condom Critter

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She’s darling and whimsical—and look, she’s safeguarding your condoms in her little pouch! What a dear. But that’s not all. This cuddly creature is also a clever cozy. Her goofy legs are drawstrings for a hidden compartment, sized to stash a bottle of lube, small vibe, or your iPod. A friend, indeed! Like Dirty Secrets, she’s designed to showcase gorgeous one­-­of­-­a­-­kind handspun. The meager yarn requirements make this perfect for those little hanks of handspun yarn you often see but don’t buy because they seem too small to actually yield anything. She’s knit in reverse stockinette stitch so you want very irregular yarn—the more slubs and bubbles, the ­better!