Crazy Grandpa by Esther Sandrof

Crazy Grandpa

This pattern is available as a free Ravelry download

For many years, I’ve been on a quest for new ways to use leftover wads of self-striping sock yarn. So, with a busted 5th metatarsal on my right foot, I needed a long-term mindless diversion that could take me seamlessly from doctor’s waiting rooms, to conference calls with clients to marathon “Buffy” binges.

I came up with this top-down, raglan stashbuster, which, for fundamentally lazy intermediate sweater knitter like myself, can be done on the fly, adjusting as you go for ease preferences, width, length, etc.

I pulled out my bag of Opal 6-ply, which is a sport/DK weight, rather than fingering, making it optimum for sweaterish pursuits. With the “hygge” rageon my mind, I set to work on a folksy creation best worn while savoring a warm mug of glogg by a roaring hearth.

This is not a pattern per se, but a recipe to riff on. If you find that the recipe doesn’t give you enough meat to chew on patternwise, you may want to refer to another basic top-down raglan cardigan pattern on Ravelry. It represents a recounting of what I did. And when I say “I” I am referring to a 5’7” 175 pound, middle aged lady person who prefers her clothing to swing rather than to cling. Depending on your size and personal taste, the recipe described here could be successfully worn on a wide variety of people shapes.