Crew Neck with Reversible Pattern by Jacqueline Fee

Crew Neck with Reversible Pattern

January 1983
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This sweater is reversible.

Sweater patterns in this book use a percentage system. That is, you plug in your measurements and the pattern helps you calculate the number of stitches (or rows) you need at various points. You can use any yarn.

Pattern Stitch Description from The Sweater Workshop: “K7, P1 or P7, K1. The sweater may be worked, and worn, on either side. The directions are for P7, K1. Reverse the knits and purls if you go the k7, P1 route.”

“The key to its perfect construction is having the same number of 8-stitch repeats in the front of the sweater as in the back.”

“You do have to make a decision as to which side to work the sweater, and (when it is completed) another decision in the morning as to which side to show to the world.”

This pattern may be found on pages 157-162 of The Sweater Workshop.