Crochet Cooter by Betsy Phillips

Crochet Cooter

March 2008
Thread ?
1.4 mm
This pattern is available for free.

Note: The pictures are taken from a heavily modified version of this pattern.

This design (in the photographs) was heavily modified from the above pattern, with a lot of stitching a row and pulling out a row and restitching it until it looked right. its entirely made from single crochet stitches including the labia minora, with maybe 6 slip stitches in the entire project. the clitoris is actually a pearl that i had found, probably broken off of someone’s earring or necklace pendant. the vagina itself is a finger-length, finger-tight tube just like you might crochet for a glove. to make the g-spot i crocheted an almond sized pouch, stuffed it with yarn clippings and attached it roughly behind where the pubic bone would be so if you’re adventurous enough to explore around inside you can find it as anatomically accurate as i could manage with yarn. the photo with the bottle is of course only meant to give you an idea of size.