Crozy Memories Blanket Square by Lorraine Pugh

Crozy Memories Blanket Square

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’Crochet’ + ‘Cozy’ = ‘Crozy’!

For many a year, knitters have been making ‘memory blankets’, with leftover scraps of yarn. However it has been in the last couple of years (approx 2014 I think) that it has been affectionately named the ‘Cozy Memories Blanket’ (Who by, I wonder?). Well, being an avid crocheter, I wanted in on the action…

The idea for this lovely, simple square was born at 3am on Thursday 16th September 2016. After months of watching many talented knitters sharing their progress on their knitted Cozy Memories Blankets on their podcasts, I wanted to come up with a similar Crochet version. Then one night I awoke from a yarny dream, where there existed the perfect combination of a solid crochet square, with a soft, floppy drape. I just had to get out of bed and test out what was in my mind.
It worked up like a charm.

A wonderfully soft and supple fabric is created due to the chains within the Tweed Stitch. It has a nice stretch to it, and it is worth experimenting by going up half or 1 hook size.

On the last page of this pattern I have also included a chart.

I suppose the downside of making the squares individually is that it will have to be sewn together. However the sacrifice of not picking up stitches (like you would if this was knitted) is balanced by the fact it is portable, right up until the final step of sewing it together. Plus, as there are 20 rows and the final row has a stitch count of 41, it leaves you with 1 corner stitch, 20 stitches along top, 20 stitches along the right-hand side, 20 row edges along the bottom and the same on the left. So there’s no guessing and fudging it. It works out mathematically (for all you perfectionists out there!).

All that being said, there’s no reason you can’t join as you go! It is just my personal preference to make the squares separately first as it keeps it a simple, mobile, mindless project. I think as the squares have no ‘right side’, a join that is aesthetically pleasing is on both sides would be ideal.

Let me know what works for you and we can perfect this pattern together!