Cryptid Chronicles- Standing Wendigo by Michele Henson

Cryptid Chronicles- Standing Wendigo

September 2018
This pattern is available for $4.00.

While earlier Native American cultures spoke of the Wendigo as a spirit, eventually it took on the shape of a physical beast. This beast could also infect a person if that person was tainted by greed or had committed the sin of consuming human flesh. Like the spirit, the creature was able to poison the minds of humans, turning them into a Wendigo and forcing them to constantly crave the meat of other humans.

The emaciated creature - topped with a stag skull head, sunken eyes, and skin stretched impossibly tight over its bones - is known to give off the stench of death and corruption. This shambling skeletal beast is similar to a zombie not just in its seemingly mindless hunger, but also in its form. It’s strikingly tall yet seems fragile and haggard, falling apart from decomposition as it moves.

Make your own Wendigo with this pattern. Also available is the crouching version.