Cuff To Cuff Pullover - WG72 SO47 by Meg Swansen

Cuff To Cuff Pullover - WG72 SO47

The body is solid color, with a 2-color pattern yoke having the look of an unbroken motif from cuff to cuff. The sleeves are knit up perpendicularly to the yoke using the 2-color pattern. Based on yarn chosen, gauge may differ; firmer fabric may be knit at 7 1/2 to 8 stitches to 1”. Elizabeth’s Percentage System is used to determine the number of stitches, based on chest measurement.

This design is knit in the round, with steeks with lower edge to underarm for a Modified Drop Shoulder. Another steek is used at the neck. The neckline is shallow and scooped. Sleeves are down to the cuff after picking up stitches from the cut armhole. You have two choices for decreasing the sleeves - at the center top for a sloped arm, or at the underarm for a straight-top sleeve. An unusual feature is that Intarsia in the Round is done for about 5 rounds to begin the center motif of the color pattern.

Spun Out #47, $1, Schoolhouse Press. Originally published 2005 as Wool Gathering #72