Cut & Paste Socks Worksheet by Stacey Simpson Duke

Cut & Paste Socks Worksheet

This pattern is available as a free Ravelry download

Cut & Paste socks are fully customizable to suit your yarn, your needles, and your gauge. You take all your own calculations, plug them in, and start knitting. This pattern is designed so that you don’t have to measure your yarn into two skeins or balls for socks – you simply use whatever amount of yarn you have, until you run out, and then you go back and add in contrast toes and heels. It’s perfect for using every inch of handspun, or any other precious yarn you want to use.

Basically, you knit a tube, then cut in the middle to add afterthought toes, then cut again to add afterthought heels. Knit, cut, paste, done!