Demi Octopus by Jennifer Wang

Demi Octopus

February 2011
yarn held together
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A B C, 1 2 3
Eric the half a … SEXTOPUS!!

This pattern is for half an octopus which you can then sew onto anything you want.

Photo Tutorial available on my "blog".

v0.3, published Feb 19, 2012

  • Fixed a typo (p3tog should be k3tog), added sssk, k3tog to glossary
  • Readability tweaks: switched m1r/m1l to m1L/m1R, added commas to instructions.
  • Played around with the layout (I couldn’t resist) - got rid of that horrid box on the first page that was so Web -1.0

Errata - Fixed in v0.2, published Feb 10, 2011

  • Explicitly write out first occurrences of unusual abbreviations (like WYL - waste yarn, left side)
  • Yarns should always be held doubled when casting on or picking up stitches (cast on for mantle, picking up for tentacles)
  • Row 6 : sl1 m9, purl across

All feedback, positive and negative, is welcome! The part about picking up the tentacles is complicated, but I hope the photo tutorial will help.

If you like the cup cozy on the left, just knit yourself up a rectangle, join the edges, then sew this sucker (ha, get it?) onto it and PRESTO! awesome cozy. :)

I made this thing and put it up on my projects page on Ravelry. Much to my surprise, it got tons of love from my fellow knitters. Less to my surprise, I also got a lot of pattern requests.

Now, I’m not a big fan of writing patterns and I’m especially not a big fan of writing up boring things. So I decided that instead of patterning up the entire Octo Cuppa Kobo Cozy, I’d write up just the octopus part. Literally, “part”. Half a head and with 3/4s of the legs, he is the very model of a slinky semi sextopus.

This half a ceph is knit from the mantle to the tip of the tentacles.

Aggressive increases form the rounded top of the mantle and also provide structure for the 3D bulge. We gently decrease towards the eyes, which are formed by increases followed by decreases. We then knit the body, putting live stitches on waste yarn along the way. Lastly, the i-cord tentacles, starting with the two in the middle and working our way out.