Design your Own Shawl by Evelyn A. Clark

Design your Own Shawl

Use this entry if knitting a shawl with motifs from the book that does not match any of the Sample Shawls listed below.

  • Any yarn, any gauge; one section in the appendix lists size/yardage based on yarn weight
  • Four lace patterns are given (Flower, Leaf, Medallion, and Ripple), as well as transitions to change between these
  • Instructions are available both in row-by-row written format and charts

The following Sample Shawls are available in the book with general instructions:
Single-Lace Triangles
* Leaf Shawl (pictured on page 52)
* Medallion Shawl (pictured on page 8)
* Flower Shawl (pictured on page 40)
* Ripple Shawl (pictured on page 62)
Two-Lace Triangles
* Rose Ribbons Shawl (pictured on page 57)
* Sand Dollar Shawl (pictured on page 23)
Three-Lace Triangles
* Sunshine and Shadows Shawl (pictured on page 24)
Four-Lace Triangle
* Garden Shawl (pictured on page 49)