Dip Stitch Variants by Hunter Hammersen

Dip Stitch Variants

Available exclusively as part of the book as part of the book Firmament: Stellar Stitches for your Next Adventure, these stitch variants take the dip stitches introduced in Constellate, Sidereal, Ecliptic, and Ephemeris and play with them even more!

The book has lots of fun extras including:

  • Extended sizing for each of the hat patterns
  • A detailed guide to the stitches used in the patterns plus info on how to start developing your own variations on them
  • A mini stitch dictionary with alternate versions of the stitches used in the hats
  • All the info you need to turn any of the hat patterns into cowl patterns
  • A quick guide to everything I wish you knew about hats
  • A quick primer on reading charts