Duster Hand Held Replacement Cover – Fuzzy or Fringed by Julie Oparka

Duster Hand Held Replacement Cover – Fuzzy or Fringed

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Why pay for expensive disposable refills when you can MAKE this great duster replacement for a fraction of the cost? Not only a money saver for you, but these covers are environmentally friendly and will last for years. You can also put this on the end of your broom to clean those hard to reach ceiling corners (up to 3.5 inch diameter).

This is an easy crochet pattern that works up quickly using acrylic yarn, and you have 3 options for your duster cover: looped, fringed, and/or fuzzy. Don’t worry, there are no tedious fringes to make, the entire piece is crocheted using the loop stitch. The pattern is designed to fit Swiffer handles, both regular and extendedable sizes, at a length of 6 inches, (measurement of handle top only, where the cover slips on).

This pdf file includes complete step by step instructions, color photos, an abbreviations list, and detailed instructions for making the loop stitch, also with step by step photos. If you follow my directions for the loop st you will easily be able to keep them a consistent size. It is a very easy st once you’ve mastered it, and it doesn’t take much practice at all to learn.
These covers are quick to make, and easy care - simply toss in your washing machine to clean. Machine dry too!