Easy Shrug by Mary Jane Hall

Easy Shrug

by Mary Jane Hall

This is a super easy shrug! You will love the drape and stretch of this shrug, which is worked in the back loop only. This is a great beginner project if you want to make your first garment.

I have drawn another diagram for this shrug that is not in the book. It will just help you visualize how it’s worked a little better than going by the diagram in the pattern. If you need to see this new diagram, please email me and I’d be glad to send it to you. I am also going to add the dimensions to the “T” shape for each size. (That got left out of the book) I have added the new diagram to my website and you can also go to the group called “Pattern Errata” and just look up Positively Crochet.

The photo of the shrug in the dark red was made by a reader. If you look at the diagram in the book, it tells where to sew the seams, forming the shrug into a circle. This reader told me she did not look at the diagram before her seams were sewn, and it resulted in a totally different look. I think her red shrug is very cute this way! Don’t you?