Eichelwald (aka Frosted Ferns) by Herbert Niebling

Eichelwald (aka Frosted Ferns)

by Herbert Niebling
Out of print. This pattern was available for free.

Originally published in 1940 in Beyer Handarbeits-Vorlagen für Schule und Haus Nr 62: Kleine Deckchen in Kunststrickerei

Later published in Doilies, Book 201 by The Spool Cotton Company, in 1943. This publication is in the public domain.

The downloadable pdf includes both the written pattern from the Spool Cotton Company leaflet and a chart transcribed from the written pattern.

This is very similar to the center section of the larger Eichenlaub.

There is also an oval version of this design.

Errata: In the pdf written instructions, on Round 91, the second line says to k1, yo twice before the parenthesis (the part reading “k2tog, yo twice, ssk” x4). This is wrong, and should read as “k10, yo,” followed by the part in parenthesis. This provides the correct stitch count of 88 and matches the charted pattern.

Note: the name of this pattern in both Beyer 62 and Kunststricken 717 (pg 14, Abb. 36) is Eichelwald which means “Acorn Forest” and fits the motif of the pattern.

Nevertheless, this pattern has long been known by the slightly odd English name of “Frosted Ferns”