Four seasons. Summer symphony wedding ring shawl by Russian Lily

Four seasons. Summer symphony wedding ring shawl

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Схема переведена на русский.

Welcome to the world of Orenburg knitting elite.
This pattern requires advanced lace knitting skills.
The pattern has 401 stitches in one row.
The pattern uses classic Orenburg gossamer construction, no short rows.

The shawl has 50 teeth.
The size of the shawl if made on 1.5mm needles as a beaded shawl (references to the fine yarn and the gauge) is 155-160cm square. 3000m is required
If the shawl is done as a wedding veil on 1.75 -2mm needles the size of this shawl will be about 180-185cm square (see photos of the pale yellow shawl). 3700m-4000m is required

If this shawl is done in lace weight yarn on 2mm needles it will require 4500m, the size can be close to 2m (200-210) square. as a veil this shawl will look similar in size to this gossamer veil

The shawl can be done in both light and dark yarns (see last photo for the dark yarns).

The description contains photos of the authentic shawls gauges for both gossamer and lace weight yarns.
34 stitches=10cm for gossamer
21stitchesx42rows=4’’ square in lace weight

The pattern is charted. Description has Orenburg gossamer making photo tutorial.
The description contains stitch charts for all base patterns.

benefits following project with Orenburg State Fine Arts Museum

Changes and typos:
in main holes based chart: row number 71 was twice, changed in the description accordingly.
holes based chart: in one of the right teeth one row was repeated 2 times, corrected.

What is Orenburg beaded gossamer:
’Бисерная паутинка’ ‘Bisernaya pautinka’ ‘Beade Orenburg gossamer’ is the term that references how fine the yarn used to make the shawl is and the gauge of the shawl, stitches as small as beads used in traditional Russian crafts (very small beads). Needles are 1.25mm top, better 1mm or .7mm depending on the technique. 4 seasons 401 stitches a row shawl in this gauge will be a size of a baby blanket about 1m-1.15m square give or take blocked. Beaded shawl example