Ganomy Hat (June) WG08 SO9 by Elizabeth Zimmermann

Ganomy Hat (June) WG08 SO9

Spun Out #9, $1, originally published 1973 as Wool Gathering #8

Summary  A hat based on the shaping principle of miters.

Additional Information

GAUGE: 4 sts to 1”
MATERIALS: 1 4oz skein of any wool suitable for above GAUGE: 1 16” needles, 1 set sock-needles suitable for above GAUGE for you.

Elizabeth Zimmermann's elaboration on Ganomy Hat:

A good summer project is a bevy of hats.  They don't take much wool, and are an excellent means of using up leftovers and oddments in the form of stripes or color patterns.  They share with socks and mittens the quality of portability, and are an admirable way to get the jump on next winter's weather and the present-giving season.

Now, caps rarely cover the ears adequately unless provided with earlaps for this purpose; one is constantly dragging them down over the ears.  Let us build two down-pointing miters into the sides of a cap.

Pattern Description from Vogue Knitting, Fall 2009: “Elizabeth’s Ganomey hat was first published in 1973 and has, for the most part, remained relatively dormant until quite recently. The shape reminded Elizabeth of a gnome hat, and the name for it was given after she heard ‘gnome’ mispronounced in a way that pleased her. A few years ago, a few perspicacious knitters unearthed EZ’s Ganomey hat instructions, dealt with the errors and posted a finished version on it was soon followed by more posts and EZ’s old design moved from site to site, blog to blog. Elizabeth described the hat as follows: ‘…an endearing object. The bobbled point can flop forwards, backwards or sideways, as you wish…. It hugs the ears much better than the usual skiers’ Zipfelmütze.’”

Gauge from Vogue Knitting, Fall 2009: 4 stitches to 1”

Materials from Vogue Knitting, Fall 2009: 1 skein Rangeley Wool (plus a second and third color from your stash, if wanted), a 16” circular or a pair of 24” circular needles or a size to give you the above gauge (approx U.S. 6-8). If you use a 16” circular, you will also need a set of double-pointed needles to finish the top.

This pattern may be found on page 36 of Vogue Knitting, Fall 2009.