Glockenblume by Herbert Niebling


Modell 122, pg 10, hexagonal version in Elsa 3044. Suggested materials:
100 g MEZ crochet thread size 80 and 2 mm needles for an approx. size of 52 x 76 cm.
150 g MEZ Floretta and needles size 2.50 mm for an approx. size of 76 x 112 cm.

In the Naoko Ichida book, square version - La Promenade dans la Foret:
Size 2 dpns, size 2 circulars, size 3 circulars used starting at row 101. A crochet hook is also needed for the chained edging. Size approx. 82 x 82 cm/33”.

The Kazuko Ichida book contains a hexagonal version.

Not credited, but looks like a Niebling.

First published in 1959.