Gordian Knot Modified-Drop Pullover by Meg Swansen

Gordian Knot Modified-Drop Pullover

This pattern is available from schoolhousepress.com for $7.99.

From Schoolhouse Press:

Originally published in the book Sweaters From Camp, Meg’s Gordian Knot modified-drop pullover features a splendid array of Shetland Spindrift colors to accentuate the intricate motif. Full chart and features like: Meg’s Purl-When-You-Can border, half-gussets at the underarm, and top-of-sleeve shaping.

Print version comes in a 3-hole, archival quality sheet protector.

Yarns used:
Jamieson & Smith 2 Ply Jumper Yarn
87 Brown heather (2 ounces)
FC14 Plum Heather (2 ounces)
FC55 Dark Heather (2 ounces)
78 Sand (2 ounces)
202 Beige (2 ounces)
FC6 Pink Heather (2 ounces)
Ashes of Roses (2 ounces)

Chest circumference 44 inches around.
The side panel may be widened or narrowed to change the circumfence.