Head Bang-er by ADHD Knitting

Head Bang-er

This pattern is available for free.

Pattern Tester

I’d like to thank Tracey McDowell for her professionalism in test knitting the Head Bang-er pattern. Her skills as a test knitter are second to none.

Bio Tracey McDowell
The bottom line is that I love to knit and crochet. In order for my day to be
complete I need to touch needles, or yarn, or at least read something that has
to do with one or the other. I do not come from a long line of fiber ancestors,
although on most days I daydream that my bloodline is full of people that had to
support themselves on and made items and were the very best at their craft. I
most enjoy making hats of all kinds, scarves, socks, and headbands, or anything
that covers the head. I do enjoy a good afghan around cold weather time. I also
make my two sons wear the things I knit……..it builds character!!