Heidelbeere by Herbert Niebling


Hakelgarn Nr 120
Thread ?
US 8/0 - 0.5 mm
US 0 - 2.0 mm

6 pattern repeats per round, 42 rounds plus a crochet cast-off.

In Hakelgarn Nr 120 with 0/0 needles, the blocked size is estimated to be 13 cm. With kunstseide and Nr 2 needles, the blocked size is estimated to be 26 cm. These are old-style German needle sizes.

This is pattern 136 in Mallins 20.

Heidelbeere refers to a type of European berry, Vaccinium myrtillus. It is sometimes called the European blueberry or European huckleberry. It can also be translated as bilberry, whortleberry, wimberry, winberry, or fraughan.

The doily features several berry-like motifs, which is probably why it was given the name of Heidelbeere.