Hydrangea Petal Lace Shawl by Renee Van Hoy

Hydrangea Petal Lace Shawl

Loom Knitting
October 2011
Lace ?
300 - 425 yards (274 - 389 m)
medium and large shawls
low vision format available

This pattern is part of the ebook: Loom Knit Shawls: from Simple to Sublime.
Five loom knit shawl patterns and their variations will take you from a simple small shawlette on a large gauge loom, to a delicate lace weight yarn confection made on a ½ inch gauge loom. All the patterns may be made on a single 60 peg ½ inch gauge hat loom.
Variations include yarn weights of lace, fingering, DK, worsted or bulky. Designs vary from simple garter rows to beautiful flowers and geometric treasures. Shape your shawls in a classic full V-back, a long ruffed crescent, a Faroese half circle, or a petite shawlette.
The e-book includes two formats, large print 24 point font, and a 12 point paper-saver version. A photo gallery is also included. Both versions are plain text to work with screen readers and tablets.

“Hydrangea Petal Lace”
Light as air, Hydrangea may be made in lace weight yarn using 58 pegs on a ½ inch gauge loom. Hydrangea is a full V shaped shawl that will fold delicately into a lovely neckerchief or wrap around all the way around your shoulders and back. If you are not ready to work with lace weight yarn, make a “simple” version of the Hydrangea with fingering weight yarn and use the 50 peg option given in the pattern.