Idella by Myrna A.I. Stahman


January 2000
DK / Sport ?

Summary  Faroese style, top-down, circular needles, adjustable size, lace

Additional Construction Information Stahman’s Faroese-shaped shawls are knit from the top down in an unusual construction that starts with around twenty-five stitches picked up from a thin neck-band and ends at the bottom edge of the shawl.  The number of stitches increases as you knit.

Additional Sizing Information
The patterns do not give gauge;  rather, the book contains extensive notes on sizing the shawls for different weights of yarn or size of wearer.

Additional Yarn Information  Many of the shawls in the book were made in Haneke wool or wool blends.  Haneke was a boutique yarn mill that may not exist anymore.  However, between the sizing notes and shawl sizing not needing to be exact, a wide variety of yarns would be appropriate for these shawls.