Inner Truth Cables Scarf by Laura Andersson

Inner Truth Cables Scarf

Discontinued. This digital pattern is no longer available online.

What a fun scarf! This is a special gift - cables with a strong flair it’s got a small feature on back to make it quasi-reversible. This is not a difficult knit, but it is slightly tricky and you will need to pay attention to the pattern to get the hang of it. Three mini-twists twirl inside a lucky horseshoe, flanked by a seed-st border. The back has the same seed-st border and small LT (left twist) cables to add interest and make the scarf nice looking on both sides.

Pay attention to needle choice - if you knit this too tightly you will sacrifice the soft drape. That means i’ve used one-size-up needles from normal with any given yarn to maintain the right texture.
P.S. This scarf is great not only for yourself but for that special guy.

The hardest part of all may be giving this scarf away!