ISM Shorties by Tash Bentley

ISM Shorties

90 - 95 yards (82 - 87 m)
2 years only
This pattern is available as a free Ravelry download

I wanted a pair of shorties knitted from a highly patterned wool and knit on my Bond ISM, but all the flat knit shortie/longies patterns I could find were in two halves left and right with the seam up the middle which would have jarred on the yarn I wanted to use. These are made in two pieces front and back and include short rows for the back. Please note this pattern is for size approximately 2 years only.

ISM front and back shorties
ISM, USM, Bond Classic or 9mm knitting machine
Keyplate 3
Aran weight wool
Extra weights
Latch tool or seed stitcher