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ItCroMo-NatCroMo 2010 Freeform CAL

This pattern is available for free

End notes for the The 2010 Freeform CAL

32nd March 2010 instructions have been posted (!!) and a new thread has been started for people to post their pictures of the finished sculptures.

I will be gifting one of my hand-thrown ceramic yarn bowls to the one that has the most “love”s… please go and post yours and vote for your favourite(s) but make sure you follow the instructions in the OP :)

Notes and Instructions for the 2010 Freeform CAL

Every day is a different designer-for-a-day (DFAD). Have fun!

Getting ready for March 1st - chain the amount of stitches for your age and, yes, you can refuse to tell anyone how many that is ;)

March 1 Designer: YarnVista.
Grab your favourite hook.

Look at a clock.

Take the digits of the time and add them together (1:09 would be 1+0+9= 10, 11:58 would be 1+1+5+8= 15)

If it is before noon work that many double crochets, if it is after noon work that many treble crochets.

March 2 Designer: GypsyDancer.
Count up all of your crochet hooks (if you’re a newbie and don’t own any, ask a friend how many they have) this is the number of stitches you’ll do.

The stitch is crochet moss stitch.

Do half of the stitches in one direction, turn and do the other half back over the top of them in the next row. Don’t worry if you still have some foundation chains left when you turn, you can always use these later in the CAL.

In case you’re not sure how to do this stitch, here’s a link to a video :)

March 3 Designer: laughingpurple.
Grab a larger size hook, and switch to your least favourite yarn…

chain a length which will fit around your ankle…

starting with the 4th chain from your hook, work 4dc into each chain until you reach the end

March 4 Designer: EtownKnitter.
Change to a yarn in your favourite colour (and change hook if needed) and work the same number of popcorn stitches as the date (or month) of your birthday.

Stitch instructions can be found here.

March 5 Designer: fiasco.
Turn, chain 1. Continue this pattern to correspond with the number of popcorns from the previous row (one stitch per popcorn): sc, hdc, dbl, tr, dbl, hdc, sc, sc, hdc, dbl, tr, dbl, hdc, sc

March 6 Designer: gwynna.
Take 10% of the number of items in your Ravelry queue (round fractions up or down) and do filet mesh spaces for this number.

Arrange the stitches wherever and however you want using any colour yarn as long as it’s different from the one you’re stitching into.

Number too big or too small? click here for a random number generator.

Slow stitch explanation
and quick one

March 7 Designer: crochetkween
Gather some slinky, sensual, sexy yarn in a colour that excites. Find a secluded, private little spot on you FF CAL and work the love knot to correspond to the number of times you make love each week….or month :)
Work rows to correspond to the number of times you wish you made love each week/month.

March 8 Designer: MsBusyfingers
So, if you’re naked after the last instructions, go put some clothes on now, thank you!

Count the number of colours you’re wearing - include underwear. Multiply that number by the articles of clothing you’re wearing. Do that many stitches of your choice in a yarn that you close your eyes and choose by feel. Use whatever hook you want, and for the love of Bob, weave in those ends!!!

e.g. wearing red hat, pink socks and green cape = 3 colours x 4 articles of clothing = 12 stitches.

March 9 Designer: Murphey
Count your rings, either all or just the rings you’re wearing (and/or any jewellery with the word “ring” in it). Match your rings to your yarn colours. i.e. a copper, silver, & brass ring might be variegated yarn, whilst a gold might be yellow.

Crochet rings: * Wind yarn around thumb 3 times. Using these three strands as a ring, work sufficient sc(U.S) or dc(British) into the ring to cover half the ring. Slip ring off thumb, don’t break yarn, repeat from * for desired number of rings. Work completely around final ring, then the uncovered half of each remaining ring back to beginning. Slipstitch in first sc or dc and fasten off.

March 10 Designer: Kaet.
Do a series of fans to represent your full name, with slip stitches to the width of one fan for the spaces. E.g. “John Michael Smith” would be 4 fans, some sl st, 7 fans, some sl st, 5 fans.

March 11 Designer: crochetblue.
should be added individually in different places. Vary the shells, make them with (UK terms) 5 tr, 7 dtr, (1tr, 1ch, 1tr, 1ch, 1tr) or whatever variation you want - example here

count the letters in your favourite colour, make that many shells. Creative counting positively encouraged:
Red, but you want to add more than 3 shells? use scarlet. Lime green, but you want to work fewer than 9? use lime or green.

Use a different yarn for each shell.

March 12 Designer: crochetdg.
Using your favourite type of yarn, make as many rounds as your bust size divided by 2 then add one more round per cup size (i.e. A=1, B=2, C=3, etc…).

Enjoy! ;-)

March 13 Designer: twisted1.
Using a yarn already been used. String the beads. Attach the yarn to the base of first “name” fan (day 10)

Ch 2, bring first bead close to hook, chain around bead, ch 2.
Sc into top of fan. At break in fans (space between your names)l sc into middle of break . Repeat until all the beads are used.

Fans stitches used up by a previous day? Follow today’s instruction by making a sort of overlay with the chains & beads.

Change hook to 1 you’re really comfortable with, change yarn to 1 that makes a regular pattern (mathematical see!) and start somewhere new on your Freeform piece

Do 3 rows, 14 stitches long, in any stitch you know is in a pattern you want to make in future.

March 14 Designer: yonitdm.
In honour of US DST, Pick a sunny colour, add an hour to the current time and use the hour part of it for your number of stitches, pick a straight shot somewhere on your creation and do star stitch pattern found here

March 15 Designer: Camanomade.
Open your stitch dictionary at p15, or the 15th page of stitch instructions, and chose a stitch on that page. Choose a yarn you are comfortable with and do 15 of these stitches :)

If you don’t have a stitch dictionary you can go to this page on my picot.

Count up the number of vehicles in your household. feel free to include bicycles, scooters, roller-skates, etc,… or don’t include them… it’s up to you.

Do that many of any of these three flowers. attach them to your freeform anywhere you like.

March 16 Designer: yarnvista.
We are halfway done!! So find the centre of your project and add a dimensional element here. E.g. a flower, chain, ruffle, bobble. Anything, any size, smack dab in the middle of your project.

March 17 Designer: JeanneGreenEyes.
These are fairly complex so I don’t want to shorten them… please see this post for instructions :)

March 18 Designer: bonnie0128.
It’s sunny here today! So choose a variegated or multi-coloured yarn containing some yellow (or colour that reminds of spring) and count all the stairs in your house. Grab a 6.0MM/J/10 hook and (3 tc, 3 sl st) times the number of stairs in your house

No stairs?! use mine - (3 tc, 3 sl st) 23 times

March 19 Designer: ExtraGrunty.
Today we’re exploring alternative materials; your chance to use Plarn, wire, shoelace, fan or blind pull cord, rubber bands, etc. If your chosen material is short join multiples for longer “yarn”. Use a material appropriate hook, join anywhere and do picot stitches till you run out of “yarn” or get tired of them.
Note:You do not have to use more than one type of material, examples are just to give you some ideas. have fun.#

March 20 Designer: Kyliie.
Gather up your kids/pets/immediate family and add them together. I have 5 dogs, 10 puppies, 2 cats, 3 siblings and my parents = 22. With your smallest hook attatch your favourite colour yarn anywhere on the project and chain 22 (for example above). Attach using slip stitch into 1st stitch. Switch to your biggest hook and the ugliest yarn you have, divide number of chains in half (11 for me) round up odd numbers and do that many roll stitches in the chain loop.

Roll stitch: Yarn over 10 times, go into stitch and draw up a loop, yarn over and pull through all loops. Bind off.

March 21 Designer: Mamas2hands.
Find a spot that needs more dimension. Pick a yarn that makes you happy; colour, feel, look, etc. and an appropriate hook.

Special Stitch instructions: 3 st cluster = (yo, insert into specified st, yo, pull up loop, yo pull thru 2 loops)3 times; yo pull thru remaining 4 loops on hook.

Cluster scallop. Attach yarn chain lengths right of the point where you want the centre to be “right side” of your work facing you).

Row 1 - * Chain 1, dc (UK tr) into st picked as centre. Repeat from * until your scallop lays flat. Ch 3 and sl st to edge, turn.

Row 2 - Chain 4, do a 3 st cluster into top of the next dc: repeat from for each dc in the first row of the scallop, end by chaining 4 and sl st to edge.

Do as many of these as you like :)

March 22 Designer: jaydee.
Pick two colours you don’t think go together and an appropriate hook.

Attach colour A to your freeform, ch14, sl st to freeform. Allow for some give chevron with peaks and valleys, you can attach the other end of the chevron (or not) when you finish.

One ripple: (UK terminology in parenthesis)

Row 1: 2 Sc (dc) in 2nd ch, sc (dc) in next five ch, skip next ch, sc (dc) in next five ch, 2 sc (dc) in last ch. Turn

Row 2: Ch 1, 2 sc (dc) in first sc (dc), sc (dc) in back lp of next five sc (dc), skip next 2 sc (dc), sc (dc) in back lp of next five sc, 2 sc (dc) in last sc (dc).

Repeat row 2 for pattern.

Do at least 7 rows using a Fibonacci number sequence (1,1,2,3,5,8,13) for colour choice.
Row 1 – A (1)
Row 2- B (1)
Rows 3 and 4 – A (2)
Rows 5, 6 and 7 – B (3)

March 23 Designer: choppedtomatoes.
Ready for some hard-core crochet? Here goes…

1. Choose an area needing tidying up.
2. Working a single crochet foundation row of sets of 14sts, plus 5 for exactly one minute. Even if you have to go around a corner, just keep going. E.g. 28sts+5, 42sts +5 etc.

Then work Border Pattern

Row 1: 10dc, 1 picot (3ch, sl st in 1st ch), ^14dc, 1 picot^, repeat from ^. End row with 9dc.

Row 2: Ch2, skip 1 stitch, 1tr, 1ch, skip 1 stitch, 1 dc, ^4ch, skip 3 stitches, 1dc b4 picot, 5ch, 1dc after picot, 4ch, skip 3 stitches, 1dc, 1ch, skip 1 stitch, 1tr, 1ch, skip 1 stitch, 1dc^ Repeat to end.

Row 3: ^3ch, 1dc in tr, 3ch, 1dc in 4ch space, 10tr in 5ch space, 1dc in 4ch space^, repeat from ^. End row with 3ch, 1dc in tr, 2ch, 1dc in last dc.

Row 4: 3ch, ^1tr in dc (1tr, 1ch) in each of the 10trs^, repeat from ^. End row with 1tr in dc, 1tr in first of 3ch at the beginning of the previous row.

Row 5: 1ch, ^1dc in tr from previous row, (3dc, 1 picot, 2dc, 1 picot, 2dc, 1 picot, 3dc, 1dc in tr) in the 10tr from the previous row^, repeat from ^. End the row with 1dc in the 3rd ch at the beginning of the previous row.

March 24 Designer: elliefants.
I’ve fallen in love with several things during this freeform: popcorn stitches, flowers and the dimension aspects, so I’ve combined these.

Choose option 1 or 2

  1. If you have some gaps appearing fill them with either popcorn stitches or flowers (see Pi Day instruction, 14th).
  2. No gaps? Then make at least one flower and at least 10 popcorn stitches for more dimension.

March 25 Designer: knittermum.
Today’s stitches are UK terms.
Simple one for today for people like me who keep getting behind! A free yarn and hook choice today (solid colour or long repeats work best).

Stitch: Relief trebles
Pick a suitable space and crochet a number of trebles divisible by 4 - e.g. 8, 12, 16
Row 2: Ch 2, tr around front post, ^tr around back post twice, tr around front post twice, repeat from ^ to end.
Row 3: Ch 2, repeat previous row but alternate front and back. I.e. if previous row is set back, tr around front post of stitch, if set forward, tr around back post, creating a basket weave effect. Continue for at least 3 rows.

Please see the following three posts
post 1
post 2
post 3
Thanks :)

March 26 Designer: sugarbunny.
I’m dedicating this instruction to all our prized pets! Add the letters from each pet’s name, divide by the number of pets you have and work this many stitches in puff stitch.

Photo tutorial
Video tutorial

E.g. for my pets this would be
Sugar + Locke + Puffy McPufferson + Shinobi
5+5+16+7 = 33
33/4 = 8.25
Round up or down = 8
Don’t have a pet? Use the letters from a childhood pet, or a famous animal.e.g. Lassie.

March 27 Designer: hoodlumknit
Today you get to honour your grannies! For each granny that you want to honour you will make a plain granny square (hook size, yarn and colour, up to you) and attach to your freeform anywhere , using any method you desire. Please note you may use more than one colour of yarn. If you were lucky enough to know your grannies well, then make your squares in colours to match their personality. You may also make your granny as big or as small as you like.

Please feel free to discuss your grannies in the chat thread. I’d love to hear about them.

March 28 Designer: Mandii.
Count your dinner plates, plastic plates count too! dessert plates, etc., optional!

Now find something in the fridge that there’s (eg: carrot sticks, eggs, and count them. If there’s only singles use a random generator and have it select a number between 2 and 20.

Divide the plates by the second number (fridge or generator) use a yarn not used yet and a bigger hook size than recommended for the yarn. Join anywhere on your project and make enough V-stitches to match your number.

Note: if you end up with a fraction like 1/5 or 3/17 or something like that, just add the two numbers together like 3+17=20 so you only make 20 V-stiches.

March 29 Designer: osmia.
29, what a wonderful number. Do what you will with it to make your rows and stitches count to 29 in linked double crochet (ldc).

March 30 Designer: juniperjune.

  1. You don’t have to edge your whole piece!
  2. This edging works well on top of scallops or other odd-shaped bits!
  3. There’s an end optional step for using beads. You’ll need as many beads as the number you generate in step 1 below… string them ahead of time.

Step 1) Count the colours you’ve used so far. You can count different shades of the same colour separately or together, your choice. Pro tip: easiest way to do this by writing out a list of your colours to avoid double-counting them.

Step 2) Make that many ch-5 spaces as described in row one of this lattice edging pattern. So, if you’ve got 10 colors, you’ll (chain 5, skip 3, slip stitch into next stitch) 10 times.

Step 3) Continue lattice edging pattern as described in the link.

Step 4) Optional bling: Bead points in row 4 of the edging! We all should theoretically know how to do this from the March 13th instructions.

March 31 Designer: Jelibe.
To celebrate the last day of National Crochet Month 2010, I thought you all deserve a reward .

31 is the amount of beads and bits you add to your freeform, either add them to the whole project or to the appliqué we’re going to make.

You will need worsted (double knit) yarn and a 5mm hook.
We are going to make a Badge :) that SwingKitty007 has kindly given us permission to use.

You can add anything to your badge… beads, sew on the date, anything.

If you want you can make 4 more appliqués of your own choice. (4 for the 4 weeks of march).

Happy Hooking

March 32 (April Fools Day) Designer: gypsydancer.
Okay guys, it’s officially over :(

But it’s April Fool’s day… and my (not very cleverly disguised) trick on you is that…

It’s not over… we are going to master the bullion stitch before this is done ;)

Look back through the instructions and count the ones that you really, really liked doing… that is the number of bullions you’ll be doing.

Now pick a slinky yarn that makes you truly happy, the look, the feel, the colour… everything about it just makes you want to smile… that’s your yarn.

Now find a hook that just fits great in your hand (preferably yarn appropriate)… that’s the hook for today.

We’ll be doing wraps of 7 cos it’s just a happy little number.

insert your hook in a place that calls out “ME, just here”and chain3.

Wrap the yarn around your hook 7 times, insert through the next stitch, yarn over and pull through, yarn over again and then tease this loop through all of the other loops on your hook. Chain1 before repeating.

The trick is to be gentle, tease them through, giving them a slight wiggle to keep them loose as you go. If you have trouble then employ the technique in this youtube vid… it’s not in English (but it is April Fool’s Day!), don’t worry, you’ll get the gist really easily.

By the time you’ve done these you will all be bullion masters!

Happy NatCroMo Finale!! Thank you ALL for joining in, I’ve had a ball this last month and have learned a lot from you guys :)