julekuler - the three wise men by Eva Lyus

julekuler - the three wise men

This pattern is available as a free Ravelry download

thanks to the testknitters!!

but I got the time to knit my two new designs myself finally and I found some last really minor things to change, that are more or less not important at all ^^

I really love them. I did them with light stars and figures with a dark blue background…
I will post the photos of the julekuler as soon as possible!

when you are done knitting this julekule, you can name yourself ‘mester av julekulene’ ^^ 4 different sides await you!!

I fell in love with the Arne & Carlos’ julekuler in the winter of 2011, therefore I created my own patterns.

the julekuler “the three wise men” is my first julekuler design for 2013.


normally a julekuler pattern is to be knitted on every of the 4 needles of the needle set. !!! the pattern spreads over 4 needles. only knit the pattern once for a 3D ball !!!


the reason, why I do not suggest yarns or needles, or why I do not do a ‘how to knit a julekuler/påskeegg’, is that Arne & Carlos designed the first ones and I love their book Julekuler. They do explain everything perfectly and the book is simply gorgeous!!

but if you know how to knit in the round with double pointed needles, how to knit fair isle (stranded) and how to do a M1 / SSK / K2TOG you will be fine.
a wonderful instruction made by drops you can find here on youtube
you can use every yarn with matching needles you like, only the yarns of two colours should be of the same weight.