Kingsroad by Teri B.


by Teri B.
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Kingsroad was born when I was reading G.R.R. Martin’s ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’.
At the time I had just created the base of the ‘wayn wheel’ pattern for another project. Wayn is the obsolete form of the word wagon – and it is used quite a lot in Martin’s series.
The more I looked at those crocheted wayn wheels I had created, the more I thought that, with just a bit of tweaking, they would make for a pretty nice scarf/stole.
Since this pattern is worked sideways, I figured it could look interesting with long color changing yarn. The result would be unexpected – just as the Kingsroad (or any road, for that matter) can be full of surprises. Additionally, working with slow color changing yarn assures a dramatic result without having to buy a dozen different colorways…
And since the pattern was to be worked in separate stripes that would then be assembled, making this a customizable stole seemed logical to me.
Thus, the Kingsroad stole was born.


Kingsroad is made of 3 types of stripes that can be assembled in a few different ways. Basic borders are then added on both sides. There’s also an option for fringes.
This stole is customizable in both length and width and can be worked in any yarn weight and fiber. Though it was originally meant to be worked in color changing yarn, guidelines are also provided in the pattern for color customization using solid colors.
The pattern includes a customization guide, diagrams, both written explanations (abbreviated) and charts for every part of the stole and basic directions on how to add and customize the (optional) fringes.

Since the pattern ended up being a whooping 15 pages long, I put all the detailed instructions on how to make the macramé & braids fringe in a blog post that you can find here (I even made colorful diagrams)


To make a Kingsroad stole/scarf, you’ll need:

  • 1260 m (1380 yards) or more of the yarn of your choice for a ‘decent’ sized stole. You can use less than 1200 m if you want a pretty small stole/ slim scarf. Yardage will also vary with the thickness of your yarn.
  • a crochet hook that matches your yarn. The number indicated on the tag is usually good. Go up or down a size if need be. Your work must not be too tight. It should not be too loose, either.
  • measuring tape & a calculator.
  • a good deal of patience and the willingness to make some very, very long chains.


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